audio of Accommodate
Accommodate [uh-kom-uh-deyt]



  • To do a kindness or a favour.

  • To provide suitably with something.

  • To lend money to someone.

  • To provide with a room and food.

  • To agree.

  • To bring into an agreement.

  • To provide with something desired.

  • To adapt oneself


"I am trying to come to a decision that could accommodate the interests of both the parties."

"I can accommodate you in my new apartment for two months."


Contain, Entertain, Hold, Rent, Shelter, Welcome, Adapt, Adjust, Fit, Integrate, Modify, Afford, Help, Provide, Serve, Sustain


Reject, Turn away, Bar, Block, Disarrange, Frustrate, Hinder, Impede, Limit, Decline, Unfit, Deny, Reject, Upset, Differ, Disagree, Fight, Mismatch, Stop, Take, Annoy, Be mean, Conceal, Confuse, Deny, Disappoint, Disapprove, Displease, Distress